How to Chalk Your Hair

The current hair trend for most women across the world is hair chalk. This hair fashion is very attractive and stunning and gives an individual an exceptional and matchless look. It is the dream of every girl to look unique and pretty in parties or social gatherings. Here are the steps on how to chalk […]

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Hair Chalking – Creating a Colorful Appearance

One’s hair style can be a ‘make or break’ part of the overall appearance. A lot of significance is put into hair by people looking to put their best foot forward. Having the same bland hair can become boring after a little while and a change becomes necessary. This change can come in various forms, […]

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Hair Chalk and How to Apply It

Women all over the world, since time immemorial, have been applying things to their faces and hair to emphasize their natural beauties. From natural plant materials to chemical products available in department stores, beauty products are a must for every female on earth. For the past few years, young women have been sporting colored streaks […]

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How To Get Pastel Hair

Nowadays, people are looking for getting the best hair color that they can be proud of. There are several favorite hair colors for many people. One of them is pastel color. You might be wondering how you can get the best pastel hair color for your hair. In this article, there are some step by step instructions on how you are able to get your favorite pastel color on your hair. It is important to follow these steps below in order to color your hair without damaging it.

1. Bleach your hair

This first step is very important to make sure that you remove your current hair color. If your hair color is not platinum white, you really need to bleach it. Make sure that you use natural white hair color in order to avoid any problems on your hair in the future. There are a lot of hairdressers selling natural hair colorants to bleach your hair. Some people use bleach bath method in order to remove their existing hair color.

pastel-hair--large-msg-1340839045812. Start preparing the pastel color

After bleaching your hair, it is the perfect time for you to prepare the pastel color. You don’t have to pick a pastel color specifically because you are able to combine several different colors based on your preferences and needs. Make sure that you use a big bowl in order to mix all your dye. Pick several dye that you have already chosen. You also need to choose a good white conditioner. Then, you have to mix your chosen dye with the white conditioner until you get the color that you want. There is no exact procedure for this step. You are able to combine all ingredients until you get what you really want. Make sure that all white conditioner is colored thoroughly and you cannot see any white color on the conditioner.

3. Shampoo your hair

Before doing the dye process on your hair, it is very recommended for you to shampoo your hair. Make sure that you clean your hair thoroughly. You can use natural shampoo that is very effective to keep your hair healthy and strong. Do not use any conditioner when you are shampooing your hair. This step is very important to make sure that the dye process can be done perfectly.

4. Start doing the dye process

After shampooing your hair, you can start doing the dye process. Apply the colored conditioner to your hair thoroughly. Make sure that all pieces of your hair are colored well. You can do this process in front of a mirror, so you are able to check the results immediately. This step is very crucial especially if you want to get the best pastel hair. The pastel color should be distributed evenly to all of your hair.

5. Leave it for an hour

You have to leave it for at least an hour to let the dye attach to your hair perfectly. Do not forget to wrap your hair with cling wrap or metal foil to make sure that you do not lose any color from your hair. After an hour, you should wash your hair with cold water. Clean all conditioner from your hair. Then, you can continue with drying or styling your hair as usual.

Those are several tips that you can use in order to get the best pastel hair. Make sure that you do all of these steps at least once a month to make sure that you have your favorite hair color as long as you want.

Interesting Features and Benefits of Using Hair Chalk

Interesting Features and Benefits of Using Hair Chalk

Do you want to change your hair color in a snap without using permanent hair coloring? Then you should consider using hair chalk that could brighten up your hairdo instantly. It is easy to apply this temporary hair coloring, and you do not even need an expert to color your hair. Even when at home, you can add a unique color to your hair in only a matter of minutes.

Hair Chalking 101: Essential Tips You Should Keep in Mind

If you are new to chalking, you may want to apply the following tips that will help you achieve great results.

  1. For those who have naturally blonde hair, avoid getting your hair wet before chalking because this will release more pigments of chalk into your hair. When this happens, it will be very difficult to wash out the chalk.
  2. When you have dark hair, wet your hair before applying chalk for better absorption of the chalk’s color.
  3. If you are a redhead, consider dry-chalking to prevent long-term stains on your hair. Just add a little water and use more color until you have achieved the desired color intensity.
  4. You can remove the chalk color from your hair by using a clarifying shampoo. This product removes dirt and oil from your scalp and hair effectively, so you can wash off the chalk effectively.
  5. Apply hair conditioner after chalking. Since chalk can remove moisture from your hair, make sure you use a deep conditioner after shampooing. This will retain your hair’s shine, silky texture, and strength.

Try Hair Chalking and Look Trendy

Chalking is one of the hottest trends among teens and adults. You can change your hair color from blonde to brunette by using chalk. In fact, you can even choose from bright or pastel colors that will give your hair a whole new look. With chalking, you no longer have to commit to a permanent color change. You can simply wash the color off whenever you want to, and add a new shade of your choice.

How To Chalk Dark Hair

How To Chalk Dark Hair

Hair chalking has become a very popular trend in recent months for adding dramatic color to your hair without the risk or commitment of using a permanent color dye. Anyone can be bold, adventurous, and daring when it comes to chalking their hair, as it comes out in the next shampooing. Although anyone can easily chalk their hair, there are some special tips to follow for how to chalk dark hair.

The chalk used for hair chalking is not your ordinary sidewalk chalk or blackboard chalk, but rather the type of soft pastel chalk purchased from an arts and crafts type store. Make sure you do not purchase oil based chalks as these will stain the hair and be a real nightmare to wash out.

To get the pigment from the chalk to show up on darker locks, take a spray bottle filled with water and lightly mist the strands you wish to chalk. The water should only be applied as a step for how to chalk dark hair, because if water is applied on blonde or otherwise lighter hair colors, it will create a more permanent color that may stain and require several shampoos to get rid of completely.

With darker hair, the misting of water simply helps to make the color more noticeable. For those with red hair, attempt to apply the chalk first without water, then if it is not showing well, use the misting option.

After you learn how to chalk dark hair, have some fun and experiment with exciting colors. Keep in mind that chalk is powdery and will flake off onto your clothing, so dress accordingly.

After chalking your dark hair, make sure to shampoo thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo and condition well afterwards. Also, save the chalking for occasional use, as if used too frequently, the chalk may tend to dry the hair.

Chalk Your Hair!

Chalk Your Hair!

In recent months, hair chalking has become a popular trend among fashion runway models as well as celebrities. Unlike many trendy fashion statements, anyone can accomplish this fun look right from home without great expense. You can chalk your hair on your own by purchasing art soft pastel chalk.

When you chalk your hair, you can add fun, colorful accents without the commitment of permanent or semi-permanent hair color. Simply apply the chalk to your chosen strands and run the chalk along the hair until you achieve the desired color. Take note that when you chalk your hair the chalk can flake off and may show up on light colored clothing. After applying the chalk to your hair, seal the color in by running a curling iron or straightening tool over it. Keep in mind that you should never used oil based chalks to chalk your hair, as it could result in the hair becoming stained. Sidewalk chalk is also not recommended for use in hair chalking.

At a cost of under ten dollars to purchase a package of art chalk from your local arts and crafts supply store, this makes it a very affordable fashion trend that anyone can take part in. You can chalk your hair at home for a special occasion or night out on the town, and wash away all evidence during your next shampoo. Hair chalking involves no major expense, no hassle, is fast and easy, and requires no commitment.

Hair chalking gives you the option to pick almost any color you desire to add special accents and highlights to your hair. Darker hair may require a slight dampening before chalk application on order for the color to really show up.

Chalking your hair is both trendy and fashionable and something that almost everyone can afford. Now you have the freedom to be a little bolder and funkier than you might normally be with your hair, knowing that it all comes out in the wash.

Celebs Rocking Hair Chalk…Lauren Conrad, Nicki Minaj & More

Celebs Rocking Hair Chalk…Lauren Conrad, Nicki Minaj & More

Celebrities may be using hair chalk but that doesn’t mean it’s too expensive for the little guy (or gal!). Check it out:

Buying Hair Chalk: Where can you find it?

Buying Hair Chalk: Where can you find it?

If you have been thinking about buying hair chalk, then you probably want to know exactly where you can find it. There are some different places that you can purchase this product and those include:

  1. Online stores there is a wide variety of online stores that carry hair chalk. There are pictures of the products on the websites so that you can see exactly what you are purchasing. Shopping online is a convenient way of buying hair chalk, or anything for that matter, because you don’t even need to get dressed to make a purchase.
  2. Drug stores as you probably are fully aware, drug stores usually have a special cosmetic section where a person can buy any make up or hair products and have a consultant on hand to let them know how the products work or to give a recommendation about a product. There may be some samples available for you to try or you may simply buy the product and then use it to see how you like it and how it works for you.
  3. Boutique stores each shopping center has a store or two that sells many different types of items, such as hair accessories, make up, bags, jewellery, hair dyes and hair chalk. These products are readily available for purchase and you can ask the people who work there questions about the products that you are interested in.

If you have been thinking about buying hair chalk, but do not know where to start, the above three places are a good starting point. If you decide to purchase hair chalk more than once, then you can purchase from several places and then compare the products from each source.

If you find that you like to use hair chalk on a regular basis, then you will soon find several places that you can purchase your supplies from that are not only convenient, but also affordable.