How To Chalk Dark Hair

Hair chalking has become a very popular trend in recent months for adding dramatic color to your hair without the risk or commitment of using a permanent color dye. Anyone can be bold, adventurous, and daring when it comes to chalking their hair, as it comes out in the next shampooing. Although anyone can easily chalk their hair, there are some special tips to follow for how to chalk dark hair.

The chalk used for hair chalking is not your ordinary sidewalk chalk or blackboard chalk, but rather the type of soft pastel chalk purchased from an arts and crafts type store. Make sure you do not purchase oil based chalks as these will stain the hair and be a real nightmare to wash out.

To get the pigment from the chalk to show up on darker locks, take a spray bottle filled with water and lightly mist the strands you wish to chalk. The water should only be applied as a step for how to chalk dark hair, because if water is applied on blonde or otherwise lighter hair colors, it will create a more permanent color that may stain and require several shampoos to get rid of completely.

With darker hair, the misting of water simply helps to make the color more noticeable. For those with red hair, attempt to apply the chalk first without water, then if it is not showing well, use the misting option.

After you learn how to chalk dark hair, have some fun and experiment with exciting colors. Keep in mind that chalk is powdery and will flake off onto your clothing, so dress accordingly.

After chalking your dark hair, make sure to shampoo thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo and condition well afterwards. Also, save the chalking for occasional use, as if used too frequently, the chalk may tend to dry the hair.

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